Install a Deck That Won't Rot

Use waterproof decking materials to build your deck in Owensboro, KY

Many decking materials have one problem in common: they're vulnerable to water damage. This is a major weakness, especially in the humid Owensboro, KY area, because water damage can lead to rot, mildew and even mold growth. Luckily, Payne's Roofing LLC has waterproof decking materials.

As a Tufdek dealer, we sell and install waterproof decking made of vinyl. You can also hire us to install a waterproof:

Balcony | Rooftop patio | Ground-level patio | Walkway | Stairway

To find out more about the waterproof features you can add to your property, call 270-302-4447 now. You can also get a free estimate.

Find out more about Tufdeck

Find out more about Tufdeck

When we choose materials to work with, we draw from more than 50 years of experience. We've found the products that provide excellent results over time, and we've chosen to become a Tufdek dealer because we believe in their materials. Work with us right away to install some of the best waterproof products in the industry.